OAC Team - Tutu Ilori

Adetutu “Tutu” Ilori, Compliance Specialist

Tutu joined the HU Compliance team in November 2019.  She recently earned the national certification for healthcare compliance (CHC). Prior to Howard, Tutu worked at Maxim Healthcare Services, initially as a reimbursement specialist and later promoted to the compliance department. Her professional journey has shaped how she perceives compliance, highlighting the significance of everyone's role in ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements across all aspects of each job, no matter how small. Tutu is always eager to collaborate with members of the Howard community to drive Howard forward with this goal in mind. 

Why Howard?

The Mecca is the epicenter of excellence that attracts and produces the best of the best. I wanted to contribute my skills to this great legacy while also learning from the best in the fields.”