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Episode 10

Encouraging Diversity in Data Analytics and What It Means To You feat. Dr. William Southerland

In the past five years, the field of data science skyrocketed in the United States from 1,700 jobs in 2016, to more than 10,000 jobs in 2021. But black scientists, scholars, and researchers make up only 3% of the professionals who interpret data and analytics.

Today, we sit down with Dr. William Southerland. He is a professor of biochemistry and molecular biology, principal investigator of the HU Research Centers for Minorities Institute's program. Dr. Southerland and host Frank Tramble chat about the biases we all carry, where data and analytics are used in everyday life, the new Center for Applied Science and Analytics at Howard, and how we can fix all this by changing the demographics of data scientists.

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Season 1

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  • Episode 2 (10/02/23): Inclusivity in the Afro-Latine Community
    • Guests: Natalie Muñoz (Social work doctoral student) and Obrian Rosario (Past president of ¡Changó!)
    • Guest Host: Frank Tramble
  • Episode 3 (10/16/23): The Pathology of Gun Violence
    • Guests: Dr. Roger Mitchell ('96)
    • Guest Host: Frank Tramble
  • Episode 4 (10/30/23): The Arts Reflect Who We Are
  • Episode 5 (11/13/23): A Soft Landing For Young Folks of Color
    • Guest: Dr. Alfiee Breland-Noble
    • Guest Host: Frank Tramble 
  • Episode 6 (11/27/23): Overcoming Obstacles to Get More Black Women in the C-Suite
  • Episode 7 (12/12/23): Gun Safety At Home
  • Episode 8 (1/3/24): Intersectionality and Belonging on Campus: Working With Howard’s LGBTQ+ Community
  • Episode 9 (1/16/24): From Prison Cells to Ph.D. feat. Dr. Stanley Andrisse
  • Episode 10 (1/29/24): Encouraging Diversity in Data Analytics and What It Means To You feat. Dr. William Southerland