Apply for Graduation via Bison Web

Eligible Howard University students may apply for graduation via BisonWeb at the following times for the 2023 -2024 Academic Year:

Fall 2023 Semester - Monday, September 11, 2023 to Friday, November 10, 2023
Spring 2024 Semester - Monday, October 30, 2023 to Friday, April 12, 2024
Summer 2024 Semester - Monday April 22, 2024 to Friday, July 5, 2024

Applying for Graduation via this method is available for students who will have the requisite number of credits and GPA to graduate.

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot apply for graduation without receiving prior approval from your school/college. Students must meet with their advisor as soon as possible to determine their eligibility status.

Instructions For Students Who Have Not Yet Received Permission From Their Academic Advisors to Apply

  1. STOP. Please schedule a meeting with your academic advisor for further instructions on how to apply for graduation. Your advisor will be able to provide you with detailed information on your school/college's clearance process, and determine your eligibility to graduate for the desired graduation semester. Failure to consult with your academic advisor prior to submitting an application via BisonWeb will invariably delay your graduate clearance. 

Instructions For Students Who Have Received Permission From Their Academic Advisors to Apply

Log into BisonWeb

  1. Navigate to Student > Student Records > Apply to Graduate
  2. Select your Curriculum
    If the curriculum is correct, select the current program button and then select continue. Only apply if the curriculum is correct. If it is not correct contact your academic advisor. If you have changed your program effective a future term, it will not appear in the current selection and you will need to apply effective that term. If you have multiple curriculums, you will need to apply for each separately. Each will be denoted by a separate current program button.
  3. Identify the term of graduation.
    Select the graduation date, term and year that corresponds to the respective semester in which you plan to complete your degree requirements. Select continue.
  4. Confirm your attendance.
    Confirm whether you will be attending the May Commencement ceremony. This information will be used for forecasting ceremony attendance. After you have noted your decision, select continue.
  5. Confirm your diploma name and edit/add your middle name if applicable.
    The name listed is how your name will appear on the diploma. If a current diploma name exists, you may keep it by selecting Keep Diploma name. If a current name does not exist (meaning you have not previously applied) you can select the current name under ”Select a Name for your Diploma” from the Drop/Down menu. Selecting new will not allow you to add another name. Your official name is listed, new will only allow you to add a middle name or initial. If you do not select new you may edit your defaulted middle initial on the next page. Official name changes must be submitted through the Office of the Registrar with official documentation. Once you have identified your name, select continue.
  6. Enter your address.
    Select or enter a current address for your diploma by selecting new. Use the ”one of your addresses” drop down menu to select or change an existing mailing address for your diploma. You can edit your address or if it is correct, select continue.
  7. Apply your graduation fee charge.
    A $100 graduation fee is required to complete the transaction and will be charged to your student account. Use the drop down box to charge the fee to your Student Account. Select continue.
  8. Submit.
    A summary page will be displayed once complete. Please verify to ensure all information is accurate prior to selecting Submit Request.