About the Consortium

Washington Metropolitan Area Consortium

Howard University participates in the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area (CUWMA). Through this consortium, Howard University offers its qualified undergraduate and graduate degree seeking students the opportunity to enroll in courses at: 

  • American University                        

  • Catholic University 

  • Gallaudet University 

  • Georgetown University 

  • George Mason University 

  • George Washington University 

  • Marymount University 

  • Trinity Washington University 

  • University of the District of Columbia  

  • University of Maryland, College Park 

  • University of Maryland Global Campus 

Howard University does not accept consortium course requests for participation at area community colleges.  

To be eligible to take classes through Consortium, a student must meet the following requirements: 

  1. Be a fully admitted degree-seeking student who has completed at least one semester in residence at Howard University. 

  1. Be enrolled in courses at Howard University in the same term the consortium course(s) is being taken.  

  1. Be in good academic/financial standing - (2.0 GPA for UG students and 3.0 for GR students). 

  1. Obtain the following approvals to participate in the Consortium Program: 

    1. ACADEMIC APPROVAL-Signature of the Academic Dean and Department Chairperson/Advisor 

    2. ADMINISTRATIVE APPROVAL- Return consortium form to the Consortium Coordinator (consortium@howard.edu) for signature. 


Restrictions for HU Students  

  • Students enrolled in First Professional Degree Programs in Dentistry, Law and Medicine, or Non-Degree programs, at any level, are not eligible to participate in Consortium cross-registration. 

  • Students who are in their first or last semester at HU are not eligible to take Consortium courses (excluding students who are taking ROTC courses through the ROTC program). 

  • Enrollment in Independent Study, Special Institutes, Tutorials and Study Abroad, Online/Distance Education is prohibited. 

  • The total number of hours taken through the Consortium must not exceed forty percent of the total hours required for the degree. 

Consortium Program Policies and Procedures 

Please read the following information below. It is important to note that the Cross-Registration function of the Consortium is a privilege, not a right. Availability of classes cannot be guaranteed. 


  • Consortium registration dates are determined by HU registration dates, not the dates of the host institution. 

  • Consortium classes cannot be reserved in advance.  

  • Students cannot be registered for more consortium credits than HU credits in the same semester. If students HU credits drop below the number of consortium credits, their consortium registration will be cancelled-NO EXCEPTIONS 

  • The University of Maryland does not register incoming Consortium students until the first day of class. 

  • Students must adhere to HU’s drop/withdrawal deadline dates. Please access the Academic Calendar for dates. 

  • It is taken into consideration that some institutions’ semester may start later than HU’s. In these cases, the drop deadline date (for consortium courses only) extends to the first day of class at the Consortium institution. THIS EXTENSION DOES NOT APPLY TO HOWARD UNIVERSITY CLASSES. The student is required to inform the Consortium Coordinator the very next day of his/her intention to drop the class. Any decision to withdraw from the class after that date will result in a “W”. 

  • DO NOT DROP OR WITHDRAW FROM CONSORTIUM CLASSES online using BisonWeb. To drop or withdraw from a consortium class, please contact the Consortium Coordinator (consortium@howard.edu). 

Tuition and Fees 

  • Tuition for courses taken under the Consortium agreement is assessed at the current HU tuition rate and paid to HU.  

  • Students are responsible for payment of any additional course fees including, but not limited to; lab fees, course materials, etc. that are attached to the consortium course. Payment must be made at the Student Accounts Office of the consortium institution. Visiting consortium students who have not paid their course fees by the end of the semester in which they occur, will have a “Hold” placed on future registrations at Howard University until such fees are paid. 


  • Courses pursued through the Consortium Program must be courses not available at HU during the given semester.  

  • Undergraduate students are restricted to undergraduate level courses; Graduate students are restricted to graduate level courses. 

  • The total number of hours taken through the Consortium must not exceed forty percent of the total hours required for the degree. 


  • All grades are submitted to HU’s Consortium Coordinator, by the Consortium institution’s coordinator and will be posted upon receipt. Consortium grades for Howard students are received in the Office of the Registrar and are recorded on the student’s permanent academic record. 

  • Grade reporting for consortium courses may be delayed depending on the administrative processes of the home or visited institution. 

  • Consortium courses are not approved for audit grading.

Visiting Students 

  • Visiting students should contact the Consortium Coordinator at their home institution for information regarding procedures and to complete required paperwork. 

  •  Students may be responsible for contacting instructors and/or course departments for courses that require approval or permission. 

  • Students may be requested to submit academic transcripts prior to course registration approval.