OAC Team - D'Shaun Vance

Dr. D’Shaun Vance, Internal Auditor

Dr. D’Shaun Vance has a passion for helping HBCUs. Attending Norfolk State University for his undergraduate studies, he was highly involved in organizations and activities exposing him to how the institutions operate. After getting connected with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, his desire to work at and with HBCUs grew. Starting his career as an internal auditor, Dr. Vance realized he was able to pick up on the need for changes in larger organizations and wanted to bring that ability to HBCUs. He accepted a job at Howard University in June 2017, after three years of working in corporate banking services. D’Shaun quickly became engrossed in higher education and the industry, going back to school, twice, to receive his masters and doctorate in higher education leadership, with the goal of one day, being the president of an HBCU. His passion lies in helping the institutions operate effectively and seeing the students of these institutions prosper. In his spare time, Dr. Vance enjoys writing films and news articles, spending time with loved ones, watching football/tv/movies, traveling, and working out.

Why Howard?

“Howard gave me my start in higher education. When other schools said I needed experience, Howard gave me the chance of a lifetime. My first stint at Howard (2017-2020), in the School of Business was nothing short of amazing. I learned SOOOO much about higher education and the workings of it, but knew I needed more to be president, so moving around in education to get back to Howard has brought joy to my heart. I completed my dissertation research at Howard to give back solutions to the institution that poured so much into me professionally. So, in this current role, I aim to help make the institution become more efficient and effective, by providing solutions to improve operations in all departments of the university.”