Howard University’s hospitality partner is committed to finding innovative ways to provide healthy dining services to our students.

Howard University partners with Sodexo food services group to deliver dining services to our students. This is an exceptional time for food delivery services, but our hospitality partner is committing to finding innovative ways to providing healthy food choices to our students and ensuring meals delivery is conducted in the safest manner possible, in accordance with mandates from the local health department. 

We are implementing the following measures to increase public health safety while continuing to serve students:

  • Before, and after eating, you should wash your hands thoroughly to reduce the potential transmission of the virus.
  • Wear a mask or face covering until you are ready to eat and then replace it after eating.
  • Enhanced take-away service, delivery options.
  • Installation of clear plexiglass dividers to separate customers and staff.
  • Mandatory use of masks or face coverings and gloves for all staff, with handwashing every 30 minutes.
  • Implementation of physical distancing guidelines in all lines and spaces, where possible.
  • Installation of hand-sanitizer dispensers throughout all dining facilities at register stands and entry points.
  • Regular cleaning of high-touch areas, including tables and chairs after each seating will be conducted.
  •  Deep cleaning of dining areas on a routine basis will be implemented.

Retail Stores and Other Auxiliary Services

There are third-party amenities that are provided in close proximity, or on our University campus. These partners operate independently of Howard University, and will have their individual processes, as part of their unique restaurant brands. These restaurants include, but are not limited to: Chipotle, Starbucks, Potbelly and Barnes and Noble.

  • The Bison One Card Program will move the processing of ID photos to online operations to reduce long queues in the iLab Bison One Card Office. Limited walk-in services will be provided.
  • Remote locations will be established to distribute IDs to minimize queuing at the iLab.
  • IDs for incoming freshmen will be printed and delivered to the residence halls for distribution with room keys.


  • The University will provide shuttle service this fall, implementing social distancing protocols. All riders will be required to wear masks, and capacity will be limited on shuttles to provide social distancing.
  • If you must take public transportation or use Howard University’s shuttle buses, wear a mask before entering the bus and avoid touching surfaces with your hands. Upon disembarking, riders are asked to wash their hands or use hand sanitizers as part of the University-wide prevention regimen.

Bicycles and cycle stands are available campus wide. Students are required to provide their own locks and are free to use their own bicycles.