In the event we experience a significant resurgence of COVID-19 infections in Washington, D.C. or on our campus, we may choose to implement the following health and safety measures: 

  • Contact tracing expansion; 
  • Required face coverings on campus at all times; 
  • Resumption of broader surveillance testing; and 
  • Cancellation or changing the format of certain events. 

The University will continue to surveil and rapidly identify any re-emergence of an outbreak, work in coordination with the District of Columbia Department of Health as required and respond accordingly. In the event of a resurgence of the virus beyond containment (outbreak) or by direction of the DC Department of Health,  faculty, students, and staff remaining on campus, faculty will implement new course continuity plans for the Fall 2021 that includes a plan to move fully online in the event of a resurgence. 

Depending upon the circumstance, this may result in a temporary pause (1-2 weeks in face-to-face instruction, and halting of any group events and activities.) A more significant resurgence may result in remote and online instruction for all courses will be re-implemented, research laboratories closed, and staff re-transitioned to entire remote work operations.

If warranted by the magnitude of a resurgence, students will be directed to return home and any scheduled on-campus events will be canceled or moved to a virtual format. In this case, as implemented during Spring 2020-2021, only essential personnel would remain on campus.