Howard University is a leading research-oriented university. Our large and experienced research faculty are exploring the pandemic from various areas of expertise.

Our large and experienced research faculty are exploring the pandemic from various areas of expertise. Here are a few of the COVID-19 research efforts going on at Howard University.

Dr. Wayne A.I. Frederick

Howard University President and Practicing Surgeon

Our researchers are diligently working to find viable, scientific solutions, which aligns with our strategic plan to inspire new knowledge and serve the community.

Vaccine Clinical Trials in Partnership with Novavax

A mobile health clinic truck with two health workers standing near it.

In January 2021, Howard University announced its participation as a Phase 3 COVID-19 clinical trial site to evaluate a new coronavirus vaccine developed by Novavax, a Maryland-based biotechnology company. This clinical trial expects to include proportional representation among diverse populations most vulnerable to COVID-19. 

Tracing Loss of Smell and COVID-19

In March 2020, reports connected the loss of smell to COVID-19 infections, forcing smell researchers from around the world to take notice, including Thomas Heinbockel, Ph.D., a Howard University professor and researcher. 

Three researchers in a lab setting.

Genetic Research

Last year, Howard University and NIH launched a research investigator development pilot program and pledged to find ways for greater collaboration on scientific projects.

 The Genome Center at the Howard University College of Medicine is working on a research investigation with NIH to learn more about genetic susceptibility and COVID-19. 

Wastewater Testing for COVID-19

Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Jeseth Delgado Vela, Ph.D., is part of a team of researchers who are collaborating on nationwide efforts to monitor SARS-CoV-2 particles, the virus responsible for causing COVID-19, in wastewater. 

Joint Statement of the Integrity of Vaccine Trials and the Inclusion of Black, Indigenous and People of Color

Our decisions to recommend participation in clinical studies, including vaccine trials, will always be informed by rigorous science carried out under international rules governing safe and ethical conduct of research.

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