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A sneak peak of HU2U's 2nd season is provided. Season 2 discussions will include the following topics:

Black musicians’ role in political movements and how that work continues today especially in this year’s president election; the unique considerations of being Black with ADHD and how changing the narrative from deficit to superhero could support Black youth with ADHD; how the generative AI revolution is impacting the globe, with a particular emphasis on African Americans and Howard University; Black athletes maintaining authenticity in traditionally white sports; Black maternal health; diversity, equity and inclusion in 2024.

Narrator: Kweli Zukeri





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Episode Transcript

Publishing Date: June 10, 2024

[00:00:00] Coretta McMartin: I feel like, being at Howard, I came here for an experience, a Black experience, to meet peers, to network, to socialize, and to increase my education.

[00:00:20] Dr. Kweli Zukeri: HU2U is Howard's official podcast, illuminating experiences that help tell the university's story. And we're back for season two. You'll hear from me, Dr. Kweli Zukeri, and a handful of other university hosts this season, as we explore a wide range of topics, including the difficulties and even the potential strengths of ADHD for Black children, why Black golfers remain an anomaly, and what's being done to change that, as well as celebrate 30 years of Howard's Alternative Spring Break program.

[00:00:51] Dr. Mercedes Ebanks: I think the best treatment plan for each child is an individual one. It's not a one-formula-fits-all.

[00:01:00] Samuel Puryear: Number one, I want to be able to be a conduit with young Brown people. I give them a chance because of my experience in the mainstream golf world coaching at PWIs and seeing the best that golf has to offer.

[00:01:15] Dr. Kweli Zukeri: We're also doing something new this season, with a three-part mini-series, diving into how generative AI is affecting the globe, with a focus on the university community. We'll explore the benefits of utilizing Gen AI, as some savvy alum entrepreneurs are doing, as well as discuss some of the major AI issues you've heard about, like why Gen AI contains bias, how that impacts us, and some potential solutions university researchers are working on right now.

[00:01:42] Dr. Amy Yeboah: From my standpoint as a Black woman, look at the technology, it is no secret that I am not included in these algorithms, nor am I seen, nor am I considered for the most part. But also see incredible potential in the opportunity to gain access to what I have not been gaining access to.

[00:02:01] Dr. Kweli Zukeri: We even got to pick the brain of some of the industry leaders who helped ignite the recent emergent AI revolution, such as OpenAI co-founder and CEO, Sam Altman.

[00:02:11] Sam Altman: Artificial intelligence can be the greatest technological revolution, the greatest new tool, the greatest engine for economic growth the world has had. But it's a can, not a will. The technology, clearly, is amazing, but to get deployed, well, it'll take the partnership and integration with all of society, and making sure that this is done in an equitable way that lifts everybody up.

[00:02:33] Dr. Kweli Zukeri: We can't wait for you to tune into this season of HU2U. Our first episode drops Tuesday, June 18th. New episodes will come out every other Tuesday after that through October. HU2U is hosted on all major podcast platforms. Subscribe to the show on whichever one you use so you don't miss any episodes.


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HU2U Podcast: Season 2