A Message About Title IX and Online/Remote Instruction

Dear Howard University Community -

Now that classes and other academic programs are being provided online by the University, the Title IX Office wanted to take this opportunity to remind members of our community that maintaining an academic program free from sex/gender discrimination remains a high priority for the university. Members of the community should be aware of the following three important points:

  1. The Title IX Office remains open and is functioning remotely at this time. Anyone impacted by sex/gender discrimination, including sexual harassment or violence, is encouraged to contact the Title IX office to make a report. You may contact us by emailing TitleIX@howard.edu or emailing one of the Title IX Officers directly.  Our contact information can be found here on the Title IX website (on the "Officers" page). Investigations are ongoing and will be conducted remotely, and remedies provided, to ensure that any conduct prohibited by the University’s Title IX Policy is addressed promptly. The Title IX Office will continue to provide interim measures, as appropriate, and connect individuals with resources.

  2. The University's Title IX Policy applies to conduct that occurs online, virtually and/or in the context of remote learning and work. Any conduct that is prohibited by the Title IX Policy is also likely prohibited in cyber-forms, such as cyber-harassment and cyber-stalking that is sex-based. Members of the community are expected to maintain a tone of civility and respect in online classes just as they would if they were in class physically.

  3. Faculty and staff members are reminded that they are Responsible Employees under the Title IX Policy. Reports of alleged violations of the Title IX Policy are expected when faculty and staff become aware of incidents involving members of the campus community, whether they learn of the potential misconduct in person, in writing, or online. Only those employees designated as Confidential are not required to make a report to the Title IX Office.

We hope that everyone is taking good care of themselves during this time. The Title IX Officers remain ready to assist you, as needed.

The Title IX Office


Title IX