Howard University Compliance

Howard University Compliance Policy Statement 

To enhance the University's commitment to conduct itself with the highest degree of integrity and honesty and to provide a framework promoting adherence to applicable legal, regulatory, policy, and other compliance requirements.

The Office of Compliance fulfills its responsibility by performing oversight of the following services:

  1. Compliance Oversight. Designation of a compliance officer and compliance committee that is aligned to have direct access to the governing body, President/CEO, senior management, and legal counsel.
  2. Policies & Procedures. Development of organizational policies and procedures, including standards of conduct.
  3. Communication. Developing open lines of communication including mechanisms for reporting instances of potential fraud and abuse. 
  4. Training & Education. Appropriate training and education are conducted to ensure each workforce member, student, contractor, or other individual functioning on behalf of the university can execute their role in compliance with rules, regulations, and other standards. This is inclusive of annual compliance training tailored to federal education and healthcare program requirements, trends in hotline reports, Dept, of Ed, OIG, CMS, and other agency guidance and/or advisories. 
  5. Internal Monitoring and Auditing. Effective auditing and monitoring plans seeks to minimize risks and are re-evaluated annually.
  6. Response to Detected Deficiencies. Consistently responding to detected deficiencies by developing corrective action plans to prevent further losses. Optimal response tactics are inclusive of response teams, promptly and thoroughly investigated.
  7. Enforcement of Disciplinary Standards. Disciplinary Standards are well-publicized and readily available to all personnel. Standards are consistently enforced across the organization and thoroughly documented. Workforce members and contractors are checked routinely against government sanctions lists

Code of Ethical Conduct

Howard University Policies

The University Policy Office (UPO) manages a coordinated, enterprise-wide policy process that supports Howard University and its mission. The UPO facilitates effective decision-making, promotes effective control over business process and flow, and prevents institutional exposure through a transparent, uniform and inclusive policy management process. Please click here to see the full list of HU policies. 

Howard University Health Sciences Compliance


Training & Education

Please click here for a list of some compliance training and education resources our office offers.

Hear from Compliance

Check out our podcast, 7 Minutes with Compliance to stay up to date with all things compliance!