Howard University Implements New Title IX Regulations, Revises Its Policy and Procedures

Howard University’s Title IX Office has primary responsibility for compliance and education related to sex discrimination, sexual misconduct and Title IX policies and procedures.  Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a federal law that prohibits all forms of sex discrimination and sexual harassment, including sexual violence.  All students, faculty and staff have rights under Title IX. 
Pursuant to requirements mandated by the Department of Education, on Friday, August 14, 2020, the University issued a new policy: Policy Prohibiting Sex and Gender-Based Discrimination, Sexual Misconduct and Retaliation.  This new policy complies with new Title IX regulations that were issued by the U.S. Department of Education in May 2020.  The new policy is considered an interim policy, so that over the next several months, we can seek feedback from the various stakeholder groups across the campus, and update and strengthen the policy, as appropriate. 
While the new Title IX regulations required changes to our policy and procedures, we have worked diligently to ensure that the new policy continues to align with our commitment to creating and maintaining a community that is free from sex discrimination of any type. The Title IX Office remains committed to addressing and remedying all gender discrimination and sexual misconduct, and providing the highest standard of care and support to our community members. With this in mind, the new policy both complies with the new Title IX regulations, and also includes broader protections against sex discrimination and sexual misconduct

We are aware that there have already been legal challenges to the new federal Title IX regulations and there may be additional legal challenges on the horizon. Further, the U.S. Department of Education is issuing guidance regarding the implementation of the new regulations almost every day. The outcome of legal challenges to the regulations as well as guidance from the Department of Education may require us to make modifications to the new interim policy.  If this must occur, the Title IX Office will work to update the policy and promptly inform the community about any changes. 
Throughout the COVID-19 period, the Title IX Office has remained (and will continue to remain) open and fully operational, with staff working remotely. Please visit the Title IX Office website for additional information and resources. If you have questions about the Title IX process or wish to talk to someone about your options to report or seek support, you can contact us easily via email at Thank you.

Excellence In Truth and Service,

Anthony K. Wutoh, Ph.D., R.Ph.                               
Provost and Chief Academic Officer

Angie Logan-Pope
Interim Title IX Coordinator
Title IX Investigator


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