To request a Title IX training session for your department, student organization, or other Howard University group, complete the TITLE IX TRAINING REQUEST FORM.

The Title IX Office provides training to help ensure that all members of the Howard University community are educated and informed about:

  1. Your rights, resources, and responsibilities under Title IX and the Howard University Policy Prohibiting Sex and Gender-Based Discrimination, Sexual Misconduct and Retaliation (the Title IX Policy)
  2. How to help prevent sex and gender-based harassment and violence, including by understanding consent and respecting personal and professional boundaries; cultivating healthy interpersonal and professional relationships; helping one another through bystander intervention and by appropriately reporting concerns; and creating respectful learning, working, and living environments

It is important that every member of the Howard community takes the time to avail themselves of the following learning opportunities as one small but significant step in helping create and maintain a safe, respectful, and inclusive campus environment, free from sex and gender-based discrimination, harassment, and violence.

Live (In-Person or Virtual) Training Sessions

The Title IX Office facilitates training sessions for student, faculty, and staff groups in the University’s Title IX Policy and Procedures, including during annual, biannual, and bi-weekly University and HU Hospital orientations; as well as by request. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • All new staff members at Howard University and Howard University Hospital receive Title IX training as part of new employee orientation sessions conducted every other week. In addition, all staff are required to complete online harassment and discrimination prevention training described below. 
  • All new faculty members at Howard University receive Title IX training as part of new faculty orientation sessions conducted each semester. In addition, all faculty are required to complete online harassment and discrimination training described below. 
  • All new undergraduate, graduate, and professional students receive live Title IX training and/or are assigned online training as part of their orientation prior to or during their first semester at Howard.
  • All Howard University student athletes and Athletic staff are required to complete training in sexual violence prevention, intervention, and response annually, in compliance with the NCAA sexual violence prevention policy. This training may be live/in-person and/or online.

Online Training Programs

Howard University has partnered with the online education company Vector Solutions (formerly, Everfi) to provide required online training to all Howard students, faculty and staff, covering various topics related to preventing harassment and discrimination, as well as Howard’s Title IX Policy and related resources. Training assignment and reminder messages, including an individualized link to access the training, are sent via email. If you have not received your online training assignment email, please be sure to check your junk mail/spam folder, as well as your inbox. If you still cannot locate your assignment or reminder messages, contact the Title IX Office at

For Undergraduate Students

  • Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates – Assigned to all first year students (freshmen) prior to the start of their first semester. Engages undergraduate students in fostering healthy and respectful relationships, preventing misconduct, and preparing them to recognize and respond effectively to sexual assault and harassment if and when it occurs.
  • Sexual Assault Prevention Ongoing: Healthy Relationships – Assigned to sophomores, juniors and seniors. Ongoing training that emphasizes healthy relationship skills, safe strategies for bystander intervention among peers, and survivor empathy and support. Students are assigned to repeat online training every other year.

For Graduate & Professional Students

  • Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduate Students – Assigned to all Howard graduate and professional students. Designed to support healthy interactions with advisors, faculty members, peers, and undergraduate students, and prepare graduate/teaching assistants to respond appropriately to disclosures from students.

For Faculty & Staff

  • Harassment & Discrimination Prevention – Assigned to all new faculty and staff members within approximately one month of start date. In addition to the Title IX Policy, this training also covers Howard’s EEO Policy, which prohibits other forms of discrimination besides sex and gender. Designed to raise awareness about harassment and discrimination by explaining the relevant laws and providing insight on how to help prevent and appropriately respond to misconduct. Offers guidance on maintaining a respectful work environment, including safe and positive options for bystander intervention, using inclusive language, avoiding microaggressions, and fulfilling employee reporting obligations.

Technical Support

  • If you experience a technical issue while attempting to access or complete your online training, contact EVERFI’s 24/7 tech support by clicking “Help” within the course or by visiting


  • If you have any questions or concerns related to the online training, please contact the Title IX Office at

Contact the Title IX Office at:

Phone: 202-806-2550
Location: Johnson Administration Building, Suite G06
Street Address: 2400 6th Street NW, Washington, DC 20059